Spotlight  Bill Nitschke


Getting to know bill...

We are beginning a new rider feature called AFA Spotlight! It will focus on our own riders of the AFA. First up, is one of the guys to make a huge impact last season, newly turned pro rider, Bill Nitschke (please scroll all of the way down to see the whole interview)
Here more from Bill here!

Name: William (Bill) K. Nitschke
Age: 46
Home: INDY Indianapolis, IN. USA
Bike: Subrosa Pandora 19" DTT for Flat. S&M Intrikat for Park/Street. 
Sponsors: Wonder Wheels BMX, Kip Williamson at Master Blaster Planet, some help from Profile Racing because even though I don't race, I still like to go fast. 
Gnarliest Trick: Backwards 360 lookback or a Quad Decade. 
Sketchiest Trick: Usually new tricks I'm learning. Nothing in particular. I'm an equal opportunity crasher. If I learn it, I've crashed on it. 
Tricks you invented: WHOPPER aka Williams Hopper. W'HOPPER. Bandsaw, Coffin Scuff, Nitschke X-leg Decade, Rolly Polly, switch foot no handed hang 5, booooooooo, Decade from pedals aka Yorkade. From the pedals Rolaid, Anal Intruder, various Double & Triple Decades, various hang 5's on the bars & rear pegs. Possibly the bkwds bkwds bunnyhop aka Back to the Future, Chicken Spin (co-invented with Perry Mervar), bkwds manual to bkwds nosewheelie back to bkwds manual back to bkwds nosewheelie. I'm sure that I've left some out that I've forgotten about over my career. 
Tricks in the works: Nice Try!!! 
Nickname: Bill, Phil, Peanut, Owsickea, Dad. 
Favorite Riders: Steve Mulder & Perry Mervar. These two guys pushed me in ways they'll never know. There's so many more that I'd love to name but we'd run out of ink. 
Hero: GOD!!! 
Riding Spot: Planet Earth but I am looking for other spots to shred too. 
Music: Everything but country & C-rap. 
Habits: I seem to have a habit of riding my bike. It's been a 37 year addiction. I think it's at it worst addictive point right now. Help!!! I need more place to ride.
I won't quit you FREESTYLE!!!
Worst Fear: People that use the word can with a t at the end. Or people that tell me I cannot do something based on their beliefs. 
You can do anything if you put your mind to it!!!
Other interests: Everything!!! Just talk to me. 
What do you hate: That word. People that don't treat others with kindness, respect or dignity. Remember, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
Which bike part do you wear out the fastest: Grips. 
Still a member of Stiff’s Posse: Not only am I a member, I'm an official Board Member. Pic included. JA!!!
How much screen time in Straight Outta Indy: about 5 minutes. 
Goals: EVERYDAY!!! To change the World for the better. To always inspire. To lift people up in life. To educate. To live life to its fullest & use my God given talents till the end. Just remember that you always have right now to do something, anything you wanna do. 
Last words: aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy JA!!!