2017 Round 1 Results

March 25, 2017. Detroit, MI. Modern Skate & Surf. Round 1 of the 2017 series.

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Place Novice Class Series Points
1 William Moses 1000
2 Dugal Cameron 939
3 Randy Rainwater 897
4 Todd Shoemaker 865
5 Fernando Brenner 840
6 Donovan Kelley 817
7 Paul Newkirk 796
8 Coda McGraw 778
8 Ava McGraw 778
Expert Class
1 Mitchell Hall 1000
2 Ron Monis 939
3 Trevor Watring 897
4 Craig Gaudet 865
5 Marty Clark 840
6 David McDuffie 817
Old's Cool Class
1 Bertrand Williams 1000
2 Steve Dodson 939
3 Jon Fleming 897
4 Karl Elsass 865
5 John Ustaszewski 840
Pro Class
1 Jean-William Prevost 1000
2 Dominik Nekolny 939
3 Will Redd 897
4 James McGraw 865
5 Tyler Gilliard 840
6 Bryan Huffman 817
7 Austin Luberda 796
8 Bill Nitschke 778
9 Dave Nourie 761
10 Joe Cicman 745
11 Todd Carter 728

Class Guidance


You have many years of commitment to your craft. You know that without impossible resistance and obstacles, athletic excellence will not manifest. You remain committed to the path of athletic exceptionalism. You have a strong, well-reasoned point-of-view on your riding direction. You realize that you are The Vanguard of flatland and are committed to forging the path for others. You are highly supportive of all classes because you recognize the enjoyment they gain and the commitment they bring.


You are committed to the athlete's life. You are committed to the progressive attitude and are honest with yourself about the next challenge to master. You consider feedback to be the life-blood of your progression. You make adjustments each time things don't go the way you want. You realize this is the rigor that's needed to advance your craft.

Old's Cool:

You have ridden for a lot of years. You have tricks, but you don't spend as much focused time as you'd like. You enjoy the ride, but are not currently committed to the path of the Elite Athlete.


This is the first class you enter as you begin your journey. If you ride other disciplines, you can start here.


Our Position on Competitive Class:

Every rider in every class is there on a self-selected basis. The AFA does not recognize assertions of "class belonging" from people other than the riders themselves. An athlete's journey is her or his alone. It is an extraordinary personal struggle that leads to unimaginable growth. It is riddled with pain, frustration, and sobering choices. External input regarding an athlete's choice of class is not taken into consideration. The AFA supports the commitment, dream, and vision of athletes at all stages of their journey.